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Bill Tanner - Executive Vice President, Programming

Bill Tanner began his career in Jackson, Mississippi culminating as Program Director and Morning DJ at the state’s largest station, WJDX. Mr. Tanner developed one of the country’s first “Adult Contemporary” formats, which resulted in the station’s rise to the top of the ratings. In 1974, Mr. Tanner became the Program Director and Morning Personality (‚ÄúTanner in the Morning”) at Y-l00 (WHYI)/Miami and was soon named Vice President/Programming for parent company Heftel Broadcasting Corporation. In 1983, Tanner became Program Director and Morning Man for Metromedia’s WASH/Washington, D. C. In 1985, Mr. Tanner returned to Miami to launch one of the industry’s first Urban Contemporary stations, Hot 105 (WHQT)/Miami. The following year he was named the first Program Director and Morning Talent for Power 96 (WPOW)/Miami. Tanner entered Spanish radio in 1992 as head of the team that created WXDJ/Miami which became the top Spanish language station in Miami. He was hired in 1994 by Heftel Broadcasting Corporation as Vice-President/Programming, and in 1995, under his direction, the company’s KLVE/Los Angeles rose to the top of the ratings. In 1997, Mr. Tanner headed the team that developed the format for KSCA/Los Angeles which also rose to the #1 position in the Los Angeles Arbitron ratings. In 1997, Mr. Tanner joined H&P Radio, LLC to launch two new urban radio stations in Birmingham, Alabama.

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